Saturday, 4 April 2009

Tunisian Doll

I'm fascinated by 'primitive' dolls. How little it takes for us to see a human figure! I got this from Ebay. The seller is a lovely lady who specialises in costume dolls. Her description said-
"A very cute little hand made cloth doll from Tunisia, North Africa.
(It is similar to dolls made by young girls living on the West Bank near the pyramids in Egypt, but I bought it off a stall on a large salt lake in Southern Tunisia in 1994. They were made by local people to sell to tourists).
The body is fabric which has been wrapped around what feels like a piece of stick. The arms are made in a similar way and she has very endearing embroidered features. Her skirt is slightly faded as it was on the stall in hot sunshine. (What a lovely thought!)"

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