Friday, 21 October 2011

Cooking with Seven-Up

In 1957, in what now appears to be a very desperate attempt to boost sales, the Seven-Up Company published this little booklet to promote the idea of cooking with Seven-Up.
Yes, Seven-Up, or 7-Up, the fizzy lemonade. "A new dimension in cookery", indeed.
Apparently you can baste your roasts with it, or add it to your pancake batter. 
Cook baked beans in it...or cheese-filled pancakes. 
OK, now I'm starting to feel a bit queasy. What next? Make a fruit flavoured jelly, then top it with a salad dressing (also containing 7-Up). Oh dear God. (Why do Americans see jelly as salad ingredient?)
Still, let's carry on. Apparently, "you'll have guests asking you for this special recipe. What is it?
'7-Up Cheese Aspic'?? Excuse me, I have to leave the room....

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TK said...

There's a hick American cookbook with a recipe that has chicken, coke and ketchup. i wonder what other fizzy drink recipes there are,