Friday, 20 January 2012

Postcard Friday - Sooty the Dentist

I have a soft spot for Sooty, and fond memories of the old TV programmes with Harry Corbett. Despite every programme being the same, there was a certain comic skill in Harry squirting himself with water, or throwing flour in his own face, whilst hampered by a glove puppet. (But I refuse to speak of Corbett Jr, who was EVIL.)

So I find this postcard rather wonderful. Who knew Sooty was a dentist? Or is he just being naughty and playing a trick on his snakey friend (called Ramsbottom, I believe)? Did Sooty remove his fangs? Will the dentures fit?

Given that someone has gone to the trouble of constructing miniature instruments and gas canisters, don't you think they might have provided some rather more professional-looking posters for the wall? And I don't think that snake can be feeling well - his tongue has started fraying. Sssss!

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Jane Housham said...

I love the Friday postcard. And once again you have not disappointed me.