Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Bear is Butcher

Sometimes, the curious catches your eye in odd places. Parked behind this butcher's van, I was confused and unsettled by their logo. Seeing that they specialise in providing 'Scotch premier beef and fine meats', I didn't expect to see this -
Is it just me? A teddy with a meat cleaver and a jaunty boater seems so wrong. I'm a bit afraid that he means to do some harm to that dog. The dog is just plain odd, and letting a pet serve the sausages does not indicate a well-run butcher's shop to me. And why is the last sausage white? (But oddly, on the other door of the van, it's blue?)

I'm probably over-thinking the whole thing...

Incidentally, apologies for so many scans and old photos lately, but it's difficult to take new photos of objects in these dull, dark days of winter.

1 comment:

Jane Housham said...

Yowsers, that's all so wrongy wrong wrong. The 'dog' is more like a frog! Love it.