Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brazil - Where the Nuts Come From

Every time I see this this doll, I start to sing 'Bra-ziil, La,la,la,la,la,la,la,laa!' Ah, the old songs are the best! Not when I'm singing them, necessarily, but still good.

I've never seen another doll quite like this one (are you surprised?). She looks like a caricature, but on her base is an old label which says "Bonecas de Feltro, Priego, S Paulo, Industria Brasileira", so presumably she was made by Brazilians, albeit for the tourist trade.
She's very kitsch with lots of detail - earrings, coloured beads, chains and a plastic pendant in the shape of a hand or fist (not sure what that's about). She has a basket of fruit on her head, and platform shoes. So very Carmen Miranda. Perhaps I should be singing 'The Lady in Tutti Frutti Hat'.
Much as I love her character and uniqueness and utter barminess, she is a large doll, and I didn't have room to keep her, so I sold her some time ago. Seeing the photos again, I wonder if I should have kept her...

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