Thursday, 5 April 2012

'An Egg Today is a Joy Tomorrow'

Some more Easter-themed crafts to celebrate the season! They are all from this classic book about 'Egg-citing' things to do with eggs. I think they are a little bit too enthusiastic about the merits of these projects ('over-egging the pudding', if you will). This necklace is called 'an adventure in eggery', and is described as having a 'simple grandeur'. Well... judge for yourself.
 I'm not sure how the Hansel and Gretel scene in an egg is 'a retrospective peek into fairyland'.

Nor do I understand how these other scenic eggs 'will become inspired coversational pieces'. Except maybe when someone asks why on earth you made an egg with a Christmas tree in it. Or one with a plastic swan. (The one with the plastic swan is described as 'Lovely as the last lingering strains of "Swan Lake"')
Actually, the more I look at these, the more I want one. They are superbly over-the-top, with the pearls, the gold stands and fancy finials. Marvellous.

Perhaps, after all, the author is right when she claims that these amazing creations are 'Tomorrow's Heirlooms'.
I think she may also be correct when she says, 'The mini tea set will make you famous if you display it on your sideboard where your friends can discover it.' Quite possibly.

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