Monday, 9 April 2012

Even Scare Yourself!

Is that a picture of the Easter Bunny spitting blood? The graphics on this packet are truly wonderful, aren't they?

However, where were the Advertising Standards Authority when these teeth were sold? There is not one phrase on this packet that is true. These 'Hollywood Horror Teeth' do not come from Hollywood (made in Hong Kong, where else?), nor do they provoke horror. You will not 'even scare yourself', nor are they 'starkly sinister'. They would not be used on stage, television or movies. I'm even doubtful about the apparently factual statement that the '8 snap in teeth form over 500 ghoulish combinations'. There are only 4 teeth in the packet, none of them particularly ghoulish. 'Screamingly funny'? Well, that's a bit nearer the mark. 'Bizarre marketing of plastic tat'? Ah, the truth at last!

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Menopausalmusing said...

The words that stand out on this are: "Even Scare Yourself"..... wonderful!