Monday, 30 April 2012

Serious with Confidentiality and Quick

This little flyer came through the door of our previous house, about 6 years ago. Why did I keep it? Well, not because I thought I might use the services of Mr Dal, that's for sure.
I certainly admired his enterprise - most of the flyers we received were for plumbers or builders, and I can see people might not think this was an appropriately spiritual marketing method. But Mr Dal scoffs at such naysayers.

He is determined to get his message out there so that he can help you using his OCCULT SCIENCES. (I'm not sure why being so spiritual causes people to use RANDOM CAPITALS, but apparently it DOES.)

I would certainly like to be helped with my 'Energy Weakness' and 'BAD OBSTACLES', and it says 'Results Guaranteed', so that seems ideal. But, do you know what? I think he over-sells it. I mean, is there anything this man can't tackle?

And that takes us to something that I find fascinating about things like this - the enormous gulf between what it promises and the way it's presented. Like the 'individual' horoscopes you get out of a machine on the pier, or tacky plastic religious kitsch, I have to wonder how anyone can have faith in such unpreposessing objects.

So, Mr Dal, if you can really guarantee success, why are you trudging round the streets putting flyers through letterboxes?

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