Thursday, 22 December 2011

Mecki, Micki, Macki, Mucki

I want to keep up the Christmas theme this week, so I thought I would share this postcard. It depicts a typical alpine Christmas scene with hedgehogs. Yes, hedgehogs who go skiing (on cardboard mountains) and drive a sleigh. And on the subject of the sleigh  - is that a teeny tiny deer, or are the hedgehogs enormous?

So can I even be sure they are hedgehogs? Yes, because I recognise them as Mecki and his friends.
Apparently, Mecki the hedgehog was a very popular character in Germany. Micki was his wife, and Macki and Mucki were their children.

I think they appeared on TV, but I know there were dolls, because I had this one not so long ago. Obviously, this is Macki, not Mecki, and most definitely not Micki or Mucki.
So now you know.

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