Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Craft Projects for Easter?

Before there were cute amigurumi crochet animals there were craft projects like this. Poor Miss Mouse is afflicted with gigantism, and her enormous limbs are bursting out of her little dress. Not even her 'enchanting spindly tail' can divert attention from her ungainly body.

And what about Tibor and Timothy? They stare fearfully at their creator, the editor of 'Pins and Needles' magazine, as if to say 'Why did you make us this way?' Of course, they can't actually say anything, because they have no mouths.


Jane Housham said...

Ugh, yes, that mouse is just wrong in so many ways!

American Toycoon said...

Ha ha! So many dreadful things!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Toycoon - Glad you're enjoying the blog!