Friday, 6 April 2012

Friday Postcards - Easter Bunnies

You know how much I love toys on postcards, so I thought Easter was a perfect opportunity to share some cute bunny postcards. The top one is pretty normal and cute.

But this second one strays into very surreal territory. On the back of the card is printed "Hasenpfeffer Bunnies - Easter Greetings From All The Folks of The Cabbage Patch".
This is an acid trip of a postcard.  There is a cowboy bunny sitting on a bench in front of his blobby green house. Is his house meant to be a cabbage? If so, he has managed to install a stove in it, as the smoking chimney shows. He has several baskets of flowers and Easter eggs. A windmill, with sails that hit the ground, apparently turns in the distance. The cowboy waves a greeting to a well dressed rabbit couple in a sports car. They have small chickens on their car.
I believe they may be waiting for newspaper taxis to appear on the shore...


Jane Housham said...

Maaaaan that's sooo, like, cool

menopausalmusing said...

Loving this post and loving Jane's comment....... :O))))))))