Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Curious Friends - Daddy Saddle

Today's truly astonishing object comes from the collection of ItaliaIrish who shares his wonderful photos on Flickr. Yes, you read it right, it's a 'Daddy Saddle'.

Oh my word, I just don't where to begin. Did they really sell these? Actually, now I think about it, I can imagine a few sadistic Mummies buying one of these, just to get Junior off her back and on to Daddy's.
'Sorry darling, the saddle is for Daddies only - it just doesn't work for Mummies!'

The text in the ad below reads-
'Giddeyup, ole Daddy! For hours of the most exciting fun any child and parent ever had playing together. Real-looking saddle with horn, stirrups, girth, and real "tooled-leather" Western trim. Vinyl skim coat over foam rubber looks like real leather. Fits any size Daddy.'

Eeek! Can you imagine how sweaty Daddy is going to be after hours of fun wearing a vinyl leatherette saddle? With an over-excited toddler on top? Thank goodness it's washable!
And look at the poor girl bottom left, who has to make do with a cardboard box. I can't imagine she's going to have hours of fun...

I take my hat off to the Kenner Toy Company for coming up with such a bonkers idea, AND calling it a 'Daddy Saddle'. Of course, the thing that really gets me about the name, is that it sounds like some sort of kinky sex toy. Oh come on, admit it! You were thinking the same thing too!

Many thanks to ItaliaIrish, who originally posted these photos on Flickr.


Jane Housham said...

That is the BEST freaky thing EVER! Hats off to ItaliaIrish for this one.

Menopausalmusing said...

Yes, okay, hand up in the air........ I WAS thinking there was something kinky about it!