Monday, 7 May 2012

Glastonbury the Knitted Pig

I have a soft spot for any strangely knitted soft toy. (And I don't think I'm alone - what about the popularity of Harry Hill's knitted character?) I picked up this knitted character at a fete or some such place, where his lopsided features made me laugh.

I should, of course, appreciate that some well-meaning soul has put a lot of work into this creation to raise money for charity. But then again, have they? Really? You see, if you were spending a lot of time over your knitted pig, would you give him three nostrils? And wouldn't you try to make him a bit less... weird looking?

But then again, I'm glad they didn't, because then he wouldn't be quite the character he is. Mr Kitsch and I have kept him around the place for the last 15 years at least. And we called him Glastonbury because... well, Mr Kitsch thinks we bought him in Glastonbury and I think it was because the Glastonbury festival was on at the time. It's just lost in the mists of time...

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Menopausalmusing said...

I have decided that Glastonbury is destined to be a bachelor... A bachelor butler, to be precise...... and then you could say: "Glastonbury, my man, it's our intention to take afternoon tea in the summerhouse...".

I think he is lovely because of his quirky features and can totally see why you took him home.