Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mischief Goes To Mars

 'Mischief Goes to Mars' is the title of a set of cards that were given away with Wright's Biscuits. Somewhat implausibly, South Shields, 'The Home of Wright's Biscuits' is also the location of a rocket launch site. I like the way the huge sign looms over the area - the South Shields equivalent of the Hollywood sign.
I must admit that I have not read the whole story, but as far I can tell, it seems to be mainly about the importance of biscuits in space travel.

And then something about giant Martian fruit. You get the idea.

The illustrations are wonderful, and you have to love the way Mischief and Marie go on their space voyage dressed in shorts and pinafore respectively.  They don't even take a woolly jumper in case it gets cold later.

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