Friday, 9 December 2011

Postcard Friday - Teddies

My suggestion of Postcard Friday last week was received with overwhelming support. Well, nobody objected at any rate. Or indeed, mentioned it all. So here we go.

You can't beat a good teddy postcard. Or, come to that a bad one. I'm not sure why I love them so much. Because they're very silly, certainly, and they take a lot of time and trouble over it. Just look at these set-ups - the 'beauty products' in the top one, and the ridiculously large bar of soap in the one below.
I'm not altogether happy about Teddy being in the bathtub. I think he'll need more than a stripey towel to get dry, won't he? A few turns in the tumble dryer at least, I should think.

Have you noticed anything odd about these teddies? They have open mouths. I've been collecting these for years, but it was only when I got these new ones recently, that I realised that these open mouths must have been created by the photographer. In some horrible Frankenstein experiment, they have cut open an ordinary teddy's mouth and sewn in a gusset to make them 'speak'. You probably wish I hadn't pointed that out. It's very disturbing. 
 Moving on, the one above is just brilliant. Teddies and a mangle! Uh oh!

And this last one is from Holland and is very strange. You see, when I first saw it, I thought it was a soldier's uniform, and the bird on the gun was a poignant reminder of peace.
A heartfelt anti-war message from the 1960s, in fact. But... looking at it again, he might be a hunter, and the bird is just taking the piss.


Jane Housham said...

I love them, but they are very creepy. Yes, I wish I hadn't thought about the cutting of the mouths......

Sarah said...

Please keep postcard friday!