Friday, 2 December 2011

Turkish Delights

I think I might make Fridays a regular day for postcards. Is that too much? Right now, I just can't get enough of them. I've been rediscovering my collection, and it's inspired me to buy more.

These are some that arrived today from Turkey. They had been listed on (in US dollars), and it took over a week before the seller dispatched them. This made me a bit concerned, as it can be difficult to resolve problems with someone whose first language is not English, and I have no experience of the efficiency (or inefficiency) of the Turkish post office. But I was prepared to be patient.

My patience was rewarded, as, on top of the 6 cards I was expecting, the seller had sent an extra 15 wonderfully kitsch postcards! It made my day!

They are mostly happy couples, some with babies and some without. (I love the ultra-realistic moon in that first one.)

The guys in these two postcards are a bit creepy. It's like they hired glamorous female models, but then just got whatever man they could find to accompany them.
This next one is kind of sweet.
 But this one is a bit bizarre...
(That blonde doesn't look very Turkish, does she?)
And this one is even weirder, with hearts, a chequebook, letters and a fabulous mid-century vase. Mr Kitsch suggested it depicted someone paying off a blackmailer for those bundles of incriminating letters. However, I have turned again to Google Translate to discover that the words on the chequebook mean 'kiss a million'. Not 'a million kisses', mark you, but 'kiss a million'.
I'm still trying to work out who would send these cards, and on what occasion?
(Answers, on a postcard,....)

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Christine said...

That's it...I confess. I am totally in love with you and your musings. You make my day ( except at weekends......).