Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Postcard - Inside the Glacier!

OK, I know, when you read 'Inside the Glacier', you were probably expecting something a bit more thrilling and adventurous than a group of jolly German tourists, clutching handbags.

But this passageway carved inside a glacier is just a tourist attraction, where you can walk about in your summer frock and lightweight sensible shoes. Quite how this photo was chosen for a postcard, I cannot imagine, but I love its snapshot quality.

Who are these people caught for posterity on a card? I shall enlighten you.
Right to left, we have Udo, a greengrocer from Mannheim, who was way ahead of the metrosexual game, with his bright red man-bag. Then his wife Lotte, who was a ballroom dancing champion, but could never get Udo to dance with her, so she worked her way through a string of younger partners. Next, in the glasses, we have Gisela, a librarian from Stuttgart, who was something of an intellectual, and finally, her husband, Oskar, who was a bit of a wag, and liked to tell risque stories to shock his wife's relatives.

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