Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Modern Household Encyclopedia

A good Modern Household Encyclopedia is a boon to any housewife. It will tell her the best way to do all those essential household tasks, that might otherwise be confusing or irksome. Jessie de Both, Internationally Known Lecturer and Consultant, has all the answers in one handy volume, and I shall now present a selection...

Did you know you needed to stand on one leg to shake water out of your ear? Or the best way to hang up hats in the car?
Learn some new hints and wrinkles for old corn plasters. Or try interesting and dainty crafts, such as making slippers from old hats, or a fireside seat from an old bobsled.
And if you're feeling very fancy, you can wrap a bucket of oatmeal with a ribbon. Won't that impress your guests?

And whatever you do, don't forget the parraffin wax! So many uses around the home! 
Happy Homemaking!

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menopausalmusing said...

How brilliant is all of this???!!!!