Monday, 26 March 2012

Party Time!

 I think a small celebration is in order today, as this is my 150th post on this blog! (Slight pause while I sip a small glass of sparkling Vimto, nibble on a celebratory cheesy wotsit and put Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart's Pop Party on the record player..) Ah, those memories of 'Junior Choice'...
And what a groovy time we're all having at the party! I've prepared the gingerbread men and a rabbit-shaped jelly with marshmallows in it, I've ordered in plenty of bottles of Corona (if you're my age, you'll know that means fizzy orangeade and cherryade and not Mexican beer), and we have some super fun games to play while we listen to a bizarre mixture of children singing 'Oranges and Lemons' followed by T.Rex with 'Ride a White Swan' and 'Hot Love'. It's an unexpected DJ mash-up from Stewpot, I have to say.
Look how much fun all the children with the weird nasal complaint are having. What is with their noses? Never mind.
Of course, fun was A LOT simpler then. Just look at the list of things you need for the party games -
- Plastic washing up bowl
- Pack of playing cards
- Tin plate for spinning on the floor
- 12 sheets of paper
- A potato wrapped in silver foil
- Box of wrapped sweets
- Tin to hold sweets
- Small prizes - bag of balloons, pencil sharpener, coloured chalks, box of gums, etc.
- Book to balance on head
- Combs and paper
Would that kind of fun satisfy the Wii generation?

Rather marvellously, Stewpot's Pop Party album even comes with invitations. And I'm going to follow his lead, and issue invitations to you all to join in my Curous Objects fun, and submit one (or more) of your own curious objects for inclusion on the blog. Ideally, it will be something that you own yourself, and can provide a good photo of, but so long as I'm allowed to use the photo on the blog, anything will be considered. Send me an email with a photo or link to a photo and tell me more about it, if you'd like to. The best (i.e weirdest, kitschest, most curious) in the next two weeks will win a prize, and in future, I hope to have a regular slot for 'readers' submissions', so may end up publishing them all. Look forward to hearing from you!


Jane Housham said...

Oh, Ms Kitsch, you've really done us proud here. I love Ed Stewpot so much -- I only ever wrote to him with a request once, though. I requested (tragically) In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg and he did play it, bless him. Obviously I was just waiting for Classic FM to launch about 30 years later.
And how can I resist the challenge of submitting my own curious object? Already I'm thinking will it be the wooden false teeth or Queen Victoria's toenail???

menopausalmusing said...

I have had my other half up in the loft this afternoon searching............ for that special something :O))))))))