Monday, 16 July 2012

Cut-up Cakes

This charming recipe leaflet from 1959 was designed to promote Baker's Angel Flake Coconut as a cake decorating ingredient. Basically, whatever you want the cake to resemble, you cover it in coconut flakes.
This makes sense for a lion's mane, or a teddy's fur, but is less obvious for a reindeer, giraffe or fish.

 The cakes are ingeniously designed by cutting up a basic cake shape, and reassembling the pieces.
 Myrtle and Milton are nothing to do with Mickey and Minnie, of course.
 Tortie the Turtle is probably the least appetising, in my opinion.
 But most worrying of all are 'The Cut-Up Kids', who appear to have no arms, poor things.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fanny the Fish! Guffaw! And what where they thinking with the Cut-up kids?? Is this some kind of precursor to 'SAW'?

Amazing though, I love this. Most of my birthday cakes are based on cutting shapes out of round or square tins. x

Eartha Kitsch said...

I swear I'm gonna make these one day.

Greenorchid said...

These are fantastic! Fanny the fish sounds like she is straight out of Viz... Tortie is rather smashing! Thanks for sharing

vanessayoung said...

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Have fun!

VLW said...

Fun blog! I found out about it through Vanessa's blog,
I'm so glad she nominated you because I'd never have known about the blog otherwise. Reading about your kitschy stuff is my kind of a good time!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have any of these cut up books to sell....

Unknown said...

Does anyone have any of these cut up books to sell....

Renee Yurovsky said...

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