Friday, 30 September 2011

Kala Kola - It's the Real Thing

I bought this wonder product from an Indian supermarket, because I couldn't resist the packaging. I didn't actually use it, but I wonder now whether I missed out. Just look at all the things it can do! I'm not entirely sure what Kala Kola is, but it appears that it can cure just about any hair or scalp problem you might have, and make you look glamorous and smell enchanting, to boot! And if that wasn't enough, it will provide 'sound and sweet sleep' as well.

Now, before you start to scoff at these slightly ridiculous claims, you might want to remind yourself about some of the cosmetic advertising we take for granted in the UK.  Just flicking through a current magazine I can see mascara that claims to 'millionize lashes', a 'miracle concentrate' for hair which is a 'restorative elixir', hair colour that 'changes everything', a body lotion with 'non-stop hydra IQ technology' (do we need that, whatever it is?). And then there's the universal get-out phrase 'up to'. 'Lasts up to 48 hours' could mean it generally lasts for 10 seconds. Or how about '7 times more effective'? More effective than what? Hope in a bottle is the same everywhere. 

So, maybe you should try Kala Kola - because you're worth it!


Jane Housham said...

Well said! (And cool packaging too)

Ticking stripes said...

Recently saw deodorant that lasts for 48 hours - what's that all about? Do you wear one day and miss the next? Loving this blog and you all your fabulous stuff (although I don't think I could share house space with the ugly dolls!)

Kitsch and Curious Elsie said...

Thank you!
Don't worry, the ugly dolls went to good homes - not mine!