Thursday, 15 September 2011

Random Princess Diana Plate

The world is full of plates with pictures of The Royals on. Mr Kitsch and I like to annoy his brother by buying him china with the Queen Mother on, and it's very easy to come by in charity shops.

But this plate is an oddity. I got it about fifteen or more years ago, from a bric-a-brac stall at a summer fete, with no explanation of where it had come from. Is it a test piece, to try out the transfer? Was it a work by some avant garde artist?

Whatever the case, I liked the random nature of it, and as it is a useful size, being larger than a teaplate and smaller than a dinner plate, we use it all the time.


Jane Housham said...

God, that's brilliant. I think that must be a one-off and, as such, worth millions! Sooo avant-garde as well.

TK said...

I prefer plates with popes on. I've got one of the last pope (which you gave me!) and I'm looking out for one commemorating the papal visit to the UK last year. I didn't buy one at the time as they were horribly overpriced but I'm now keeping an eye out in charity shops.