Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Roy Jenkins China Thimble

Yes! That is what I said - a Roy Jenkins china thimble. No, I have no way of explaining it either.

On one side is a picture of Roy Jenkins, and on the other side are the results of the Warrington by-election in 1981, the first time an SDP candidate stood as a candidate. They came second.

I am not denigrating the achievements of the SDP (and let's not forget the Liberal Alliance, either), but is this really the sort of thing we want to see on a commemorative china thimble?

(And they came second. Number Two. Second banana. Runner-up. Close, but no cigar. Second fiddle. Silver medal. In second place.)


Jane Housham said...

Sorry, but that is just FANTASTIC. How do such things come to be in the world? Thankyou for that.

TK said...

Love it