Friday, 9 September 2011

Spanish Bull

I'm a big fan of tacky souvenirs, and the tourist explosion in Spain in the 1970s gave us many wonderful examples. Judging from these souvenirs, flamenco dancing and bullfighting were the only significant parts of Spain's culture worth experiencing. I don't understand the appeal of bullfighting for people who watch it, but I'm always drawn to the souvenirs.

I'm pleased that the manufacturers of this plastic bull went to the trouble of attaching that extra bit of plastic, to give him 'cojones'. However, they have also added those colourful sharp sticks ('banderillas') in his neck. Once wounded like this, a bull in real life would be about to die. I can't decide if this makes the plastic bull a truly tasteless souvenir, or a brave statement of Spanish culture.


Jane Housham said...

Alas, the former, I think, but great great kitsch

TK said...

No wonder he looks a bit startled

Debbie Nettleingham said...

I have a big bull like this and I kindly removed the "weapons" from it. I abhor bullfighting too. AND I am an Taurean - so I love my bull(Dali) very much