Monday, 5 March 2012

All Styles Are Wonderful

I got this in a pound shop, because it's a truly bonkers little set of a dolly and her accessories. Instead of going for the more descriptive title of 'Cheap Crap', the makers have opted for 'Temptation Collection'. That's just weird, isn't it? I think the 'temptation' would be to leave this where you found it. But not for me, of course.

However, I'm not sure any child should be tempted to play with this. I'm pretty sure whoever installed that water heater was not CORGI registered - that bottle of 'Coal Gas' looks pretty dangerous, for a start. And just look at the size of her razor! No wonder she looks so miserable.

And as for the slogan on the pack - 'Our Quality is Second to None' - seriously??!!

1 comment:

Jane Housham said...

Sometimes I think you own all the fabulously awful things in the whole world. This is brilliant. The water heater! The gas! The giant razor! Marvellous.