Thursday, 8 March 2012

Polvo Magico

Mexican Magic Powder.
I can't remember where I got this (I wish I could say it was Mexico, but sadly I've never been there).  I think it was from a shop that sold genuine Mexican imports, but looking at it again, it looks like it's been packaged by a sticker-mad 8-year-old girl, so it's making me wonder. However, I have other genuine Mexican stuff that looks joyfully rather like this, so I'll assume it's authentic. As authentic as 'Magic Powder' can be, of course...

The packet blurb roughly translates as -
'Composite Powder of the 7 Powers.
Gives strength, power and conquers all, use it by rubbing the hands and neck.'

Sounds nice and simple, doesn't it? I rather like the thought that anyone could consider this little paper packet to contain something magical. But then, superstition exists everywhere - do you 'touch wood' or avoid number 13? And, it turns out that this powder did have a magical effect - it succeeded in getting me to shell out a few quid for a small paper packet stapled onto a sticker-covered card!
That's magic!

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