Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Split Personality Matchbook

A matchbook is just a small, ephemeral object, but somehow this one has stayed complete, and found its way from Cortland, New York to me, via a car boot sale in Filton, Bristol. And for my own strange reasons, I now find myself pondering its odd design.

Rocci's is still a restaurant, I believe, as it appears on restaurant listing sites, but I can't find anything more. So I can't tell you what sort of restaurant it is, or was. But if we look at the front of the matchbook, it looks pretty traditional, and they have even gone for an 'olde worlde' gothic font for the address.
I'm not sure what message gold cover and 'sophisticated' black matches with white heads give out. 
 But, in a literal about-face, the back of the matchbook suddenly reveals a futuristic side. Just look at that 'computer' font!
Ironically, that font looks far more dated than the more classic styles on the front. Still, I love their list of attractions - 'ultrasonic sound system' AND 'super sandwiches'! Wow!

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Country Cottage Chic said...

Fabulous little bit of history!