Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Postcards - Signs of Spring

I thought this week's postcards should reflect the feeling of Spring that we're enjoying here in Britain at the moment. Of course, in Dollyland, it's Spring all the time. The sky is always blue, the grass is green and sprinkled with flowers, and animals are always young and cute. 

Having said that, the dollies in the postcards below are haymaking which is more of a late summer activity, I believe. But the lambs look Spring-like, so I don't know... Well the weather's always good in Dollyland, whatever the season.
Thought I would just share the message of sisterly love on the back of one of the cards, written in a child's hand-

Dear caroline
I hope you are alright
in everdon
I like it without you.
I rode my scooter down
to the Town
I liked it this afternoon
Love From


Jane Housham said...

Too perfect. That message. The cards. It's made me come over all funny...

The Custards said...

Hang on a cotton pickin' minute I do believe that Everdon is my old neck of the woods - and I knew a Veronica...lawks!