Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday Postcards - Spanish Embroidered Cards

 I've been indulging my postcard collecting habit recently, and where I just used to have a few embroidered cards, I now have several. But you have to admit, a bit of embroidery (or lace, or fabric) adds a wonderful element of kitsch to any card. The first group are the ones that start as kitsch big-eyed illustrations. Could these be any kitschier? These cards generally come from Spain, but there's one French one in there, bottom right.

The next bunch are also based on illustrations, but rather more traditional. Top left is from Madeira, top right from Attica (Greece). These two have very basic embroidery.
But the bottom two are a lot more fancy...
I love the tambourine with the bullfighter on it.

The last group is where the embroidery and frilly fabric has been added to photos. I love the seriousness of the dancers' faces. I don't suppose they knew they were going to have frills and glitter added to them in such a clunky fashion.

I've seen a few different versions of that card bottom right, each one with a different colour dress.

And this last one has been layered, with lace behind, and in front of, a cut-out face. How brilliant is that?
So yes, I now have quite a few, and no, this isn't quite all of them...

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Tami said...

Love those little Spanish postcards - reminds me of one of my fav bloggers, Vintage Passions Just Like Mine.