Thursday, 2 February 2012

Animal Biscuits

Whenever I go on holiday abroad, I love to visit a supermarket. The different foods and packaging just fascinate me, and I can find a surprising amount of pleasure in browsing canned goods or cereal packets. Does that make me very weird? Anyhow, when I'm not abroad, the next best thing is to visit the local Chinese supermarket.

I'm quite a sucker for cute oriental packaging, with kawaii characters on. And sometimes the food is cute too. I was amazed by these animal biscuits, with all the different, slightly obscure animals and birds.
 You don't just get bird-shaped biscuits, you get a duck, a pigeon, an eagle, a parrot, a penguin, a horn-owl(?), a hen, a rooster, and, according to the packet, there is also a pelican.

The animals are equally wide-ranging. To be honest, I think it is a little over-ambitious to try to portray the difference between a wild boar and a tapir in a biscuit that is only about an inch high, but hell, they've given it a try! They have also helpfully written the name of each animal on the biscuits. I'm glad they were in English, or I would have struggled to recognise some of them.

There is also a very random cartoon on the back of the packet. It's nice to see the animals have career aspirations beyond being biscuits.

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Jane Housham said...

Well if you're weird I'm weird too. If I had these biscuits I'd have to eat the tapir one as I've been fond of tapirs ever since there was (I hope I'm remembering right) a tapir card in some set of petrol cards I avidly collected.