Thursday, 9 February 2012

Children's Toy (unspecified)

Forget about whiskers on kittens or warm woollen mittens, some of my favourite things are cheap plastic toys. I've mentioned before how I love them and their packaging.

This is a cheap plastic rattle or noisemaker. Possibly it's a bit like a pair of clackers (which I remember quite fondly). The packet doesn't actually tell you what it is. It's a non-specific toy. But can you imagine Mummy's delight when Junior gets hold of this little instrument of torture and rattles away? Or the stinging blow that will result whent the elastic band snaps?

And yet, the picture on the packet is surprisingly dull. Poor little Junior just stands in the middle of a field, glumly holding his limp rattle. It looks like the most boring toy imaginable. He probably wanted a Wii instead.

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