Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday Postcard - Come to Harpurhey

I've had this postcard for many, many years. It delighted me so much when I found it, that I framed it, and it has been part of my eccentric home decor ever since.

I'm not sure what it is that makes me so fond of it. The pugilistic little boy in his rather comic short trousers? The jingoistic message of defiance to Johnny Foreigner? The randomness of Harpurhey as the place to be celebrated? The colours? The graphic style of photography? All of those things and more.

There's no date on it, but I imagine it dates from the First World War. It's very poignant to see these domestic notions of British courage and defiance, knowing, as we do now, of the mass bloodshed and the horrrors for the soldiers in the trenches.

Sad too, to note that in 2004, Harpurhey was deemed to be the most deprived area in Britain. (Although this is no longer the case, I understand.)

"We'll Show You", indeed.

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Jane Housham said...

That's so great - definitely worth framing.