Thursday, 16 February 2012

Las Vegas - Diamante is Forever

Ah, the sophisticated glamour of truly elegant jewellery! Wouldn't you feel a million dollars in a pair of 'champagne' earrings? Two glasses of vintage champagne overflowing with bubbles. Don't they make you feel bubbly, effervescent and decadent?

Or do they look like a bit of tat that cost 99c? OK, I might have splashed out as much as $1.25, but I have to confess, I've never found the occasion to wear these little beauties with their plastic 'diamond' droplets.

But quite frankly, some of the expensive bling in Vegas is not any better. Yes, I'm thinking about you, Judith Leiber, and your novelty evening bags.

These babies sell for thousands of dollars. That there teddy bear would cost you $4,695. (That's about £3000.)

If you're a follower of the celebrity doings on the red carpet, you'll know that these things turn up pretty frequently in the hands of the A-listers. I'm truly baffled. I mean, are they doing it ironically? I doubt it.

And I don't think it's any coincidence that, of the four stores Judith Leiber has in the US, two of them are in Las Vegas.

I bet she wishes she'd thought of the champagne glass earrings....

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Jane Housham said...

Oh god, I clicked on the Judith Lieber link (have never seen these before) and found myself kind of liking them, like, really liking some of them... Help! I think you should embrace the kitsch and wear those earrings.