Friday, 3 February 2012

Postcard Friday - Flowers, Cake, Coffee and Candles

 OK, I admit it - these are more of my strange European postcards. I can't help it - they're just so wonderfully peculiar. So, why did someone take the time to photograph coffee and cake and put it on a postcard? Well, we get a chance to take a peek at some quite nice mid-century china. And some tasty-looking cakes.
There must be a better reason, but I'm jiggered if I know what it is. Whatever they're about, I love the vintage style of these - the colours and the lighting are just great.
The two above were obviously by the same photographer, with the same cups and the same cake. Or is it the same cake? It's very nearly the same, but there are a few differences, so possibly from the same baker on different days? Or possibly this is putting far more thought into the whole thing than it really deserves?  Possibly, but did you also spot the randomly draped bits of fabric?

The first four were all printed in Germany, and I wondered if it was some sort of German custom, but these last two were printed in Greece.
The Greek photographer shuns the draped fabric, but adds candles instead. A romantic touch? Search me. The one on the left is no longer about the cake and coffee, but birthday presents instead. And a ceramic bottle.
So if that's a birthday postcard, then the others must
Nope, no idea.

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