Thursday, 23 February 2012

Personal Instructions

Learn Golf from an LP? This is what happened in a world before DVDs were invented, and where videotape was purely for TV companies.

Arnold Palmer gives you 'Personal Golf Instructions'. We have to assume that 'personal' in this case does not mean the instructions are personal to you, just that Palmer is delivering them in person.
 Hearing Arnold Palmer give the instructions might imbue them with authenticity, but obviously spoken instructions alone are next to useless, so the two records come with a 24 page book with photographs and text. That sounds useful. So useful in fact, that I'm not sure what the point of hearing the record would be. But then I'm not a golfer, so what do I know?
Actually, I'd prefer to imagine that the track titles - 'The Grip', 'The Stance', 'Chipping and Putting' etc. all refer to 1960s dance crazes anyway. 'C'mon and Do the Grip, Yeah, Yeah!'

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