Monday, 11 June 2012

Look Kids!

Wow! An 'Atomic Age Air Rifle'! It 'measures a full 10"'! Or, to put it more prosaically, a small plastic pop-gun.

I think children might have been a bit confused by this ad from a 1960s comic, especially if they tried to understand the wonders of the 'Atomic Age' from it. 'No working parts to break', 'Completely safe and harmless'. It doesn't sound very 'atomic', does it?

But if the kids ('Look kids!') were disappointed when it arrived, just imagine how Mom must have felt once those ominous '25 missiles' started to get distributed about the place. If Junior didn't fire a bit of plastic in his sister's eye,  they would at least get trodden on, or trip up Granny, or choke the dog when he chewed it.
All for just one dollar, post paid!