Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Jolly Swagman

I rather like costume dolls. My especial favourites are the 'Dolls of the World' kind. Rather than being souvenirs from a particular country, a manufacturer just makes a range of dolls to represent different countries. The dolls themselves are all identical (though some might have a different skin colour), and just their outfits are different. I'm not sure if that is how this Australian Swagman doll was produced, but certainly this doll was never intended to be a man.

Nope, not even a thick false beard will do it. (Makes me think of the stoning in Life of Brian - "Are there any women here?")


Sue Brown said...

And why does this doll have small pieces of fudge around its hat? The Life of Brian reference, spot on!

Kylie said...

Nice to see an Aussie(ish) doll in your collection of curiosities.