Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Missing Link

This weird doll appears to be the missing link between those little troll dolls and Ken Dodd. By a strange coincidence, I found two of these dolls within the space of a few weeks last year. (How? Why??)

I gave the first one away and then sold the second one on Etsy. These photos are of the second one, and because I was selling him, I didn't want to damage his costume. Otherwise, I might have pulled his fur loincloth aside to show you that this doll is anatomically correct! Yes, this little fella is even stranger than you thought! Fortunately, the recipient of  doll number one did publish a photo of him in all his glory. (Warning - this link contains doll nudity and adult themes.)

1 comment:

Jane Housham said...

That's just tooo funny. Also funny are all the (many!) comments that his 'trollbits' provoked on the link.