Friday, 11 November 2011

Table Decorations for Every Occasion

How does a German book on table decorations end up in a Bristol charity shop?  'Unwanted Gift' probably covers it, but whatever the reason, I was happy to find this classic insight into the imaginative world of the author, Sibylle Haenitsch-Weiss.

To start with, the cover does not do justice to her take on fine Italian cuisine. Pasta stuck on a wine bottle is not enough - the meal should be presented on a photographic tablecloth of pasta.
That's better! Food strewn across the table seems to be a theme that Sibylle enjoys. Here is her interpretation of Americana. Admittedly, the popcorn thrown everywhere makes you think of a particularly bad multiplex, but hey, that IS America.
And you do get a personalised ketchup bottle.
This next one is Sunday brunch. Obviously, the Germans do brunch differently...
My German is very rusty, but I'm pretty sure the next one is called 'King Ludwig Invites You'
If you're ever asked to do the decorations for a 'medieval banquet', Sibylle can show you what to do. Wrap fake fur round your knife and fork handles and put some plastic knights on the table. Brilliant!
I would love to go to one of Sibylle's swanky parties. I bet they're so much fun! Look at this Hollywood-themed table. Um.. why is the serviette in a fag packet? And why is there a small boulder on the table?
Google translate cannot seem to cope with the word 'Zwergenfest' - it comes up with 'fixed dwarf'. I think what Sibylle is actually trying to convey is the fun of having some sort of celebration with garden gnomes. My, that's a busy table!
 And last but not least, why not invite your friends around for an Alien Visitation? Wow, it's like you're really eating in Outer Space!
 Sibylle advises spraying everything silver - a water pistol becomes a laser gun, a pebble becomes a meteorite, and a washing-up bottle becomes... an extra-terrestial? (Honestly, that's what it says.)
Sibylle Haenitsch-Weiss, we salute you!

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Jane Housham said...

I think you must have some sort of special force field for attracting this stuff to you. It's too special. Did you ever see a meal as unappetising as the King Ludwig one?