Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Rubbish Jubilee Souvenirs

Sometimes I even surprise myself by how long I've been collecting what is, quite frankly, rubbish.
I was 15 at the time of the Silver Jubilee in 1977, and even then, I was amused at some of the ridiculous royal memorabilia. Which is why, today, I still have this random collection of stuff. You may love the Queen or consider her an unnecessary anachronism, but by any standards, these things are rather odd tributes.

Amongst other things, I present a box of Jubilee tissues (not to be sneezed at, ho ho!), the wrapper of a Lyons Maid Jubilee lolly (pineapple and strawberry flavour), the top of a Silver Jubilee Mousse (raspberry, peach and vanilla flavours), an empty can of Co-op Jubilade (strawberry flavour fizzy drink - yuck!) and the Jubilee issue of Buster comic.

Having kept this pointless stuff for nearly 25 years, in a mood of wild optimism and cupboard clearing, I tried to sell it on Ebay last year, but got no takers. I can't remember what the starting price was, but I must have been a bit too optimistic about the foolishness of royal memorabilia collectors., as there were no bidders. However, I am still open to offers...

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Jane Housham said...

I don't think it's rubbish -- it's cultural ephemera. I'm sure Robert Opie would grab it off you. I particularly like Jubilade.