Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sinister Kitten Postcard

This postcard cannot possibly be intended for cat lovers. Would you sit a small kitten between two lighted candles? No, the red velvet background gives the game away - this is obviously some sort of satanic rite.

I'm not sure if the kitten is a sacrifice, or whether she is actually an evil minion of the dark lord. Look at those eyes. A Hypno-Kitten maybe?

To add to the overpowering effect, this is an extra-large postcard (6" x 8"). On the other side it says 'If more than conventional 5 word greeting, Letter Rate applies.'
I'm just guessing, but I suspect the conventional 5 word greeting is "All Hail, Your Satanic Majesty!".


Country Cottage Chic said...

Oh dear...poor kitten!
I have just been looking through some vintage Christmas cards & found one 'To a dear husband' with pictures of pipes & cigarettes - do you think she wanted to get rid of him early? Will have to post a picture.

Moira Millman said...

how bizarre! what an odd pairing! I'm enjoying all your weird and wonderful finds:)

Murgatroyd said...

A Stanley 'Kitty' Kubrick moment?