Monday, 27 February 2012

Chinese Neck Pillow

I love this crazy thing! A present from my good friend Tessera, it's the sort of the thing that 'other people' look at with bemusement, or even puzzlement. What, why, how?

Or maybe you're familiar with Chinese neck pillows? I've never actually used it as a pillow, but it's pleasingly filled with the muffled crunch of buckwheat, and I suppose it would work.
I thought that it was a cat, but I now discover that it is a tiger - a far more powerful and auspicious animal for the Chinese. Here's a description   
I love these stylised features! I wish I could draw with this kind of bold stylisation, but I end up veering towards realism or more conventional styles. If I try to draw things in a folk art or naive style, it often feels false. I could draw you a cartoon tiger, but not one like this. I suppose it just depends what you've been brought up with. Tony the Tiger on a Frosties packet, or one of these?

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TK said...

It's a tiger?